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Same Villa Slide Cutting Shear silver colour


Experience softer, smoother results when slide cutting. Hair slips along the blades as it’s being cut, creating a soft edge and protecting the integrity of the hair. Curved, polished blades glide effortlessly through wet or dry hair, making this the perfect tool for all motion cutting techniques. The sculpted ergonomic handle keeps your wrist safe and allows for a wide range of cutting positions. With incredible versatility and unmatched control, the possibilities are endless. Transform the way you work with our Artist Series 6" Slide Cutting Shear.

  • Blade Material: Proprietary Japanese Molybdenum Alloy which has been Cryogenically Tempered.
  • Forward Set Thumb: Puts hands in a natural, neutral position for reduced repetitive wrist and shoulder strain injuries.
  • Blade Design: Curved design to facilitate sliding effortlessly through hair.
  • Tension System: Adjustable Flat Tension System with ball bearings, which stabilize the blades for longer wear and better resharpening.
  • Pivot Point: Wide Polymer Inlay eliminates metal-to-metal wear, extending the life of the shear indefinitely.
  • Edge Design: Smooth Slide™ blade finish allows this shear to slide cut even dry hair without damaging the cuticle. Ideal for all motion cutting techniques.
  • Handle Design: Sculpted handle for a wide variety of cutting positions while maintaining positive ergonomics.
Sam Villa Artist Series Shear silver colour


Discover a tool worthy of a master artist. Sharper, harder blades and a sculpted handle that fits perfectly in your hand. Every detail on our Artist Series 6.25” Shear is expertly crafted for ultimate comfort and precision control. Contoured blades slide seamlessly through all types of hair, and the shear responds to the slightest input from your hand. Powerful enough for deep point cutting and delicate enough for detail work, this versatile shear will quickly become your go-to tool. Bring your haircut designs to life with our Artist Series 6.25” Shear.

  • Sculpted Crane Handle: provides maximum comfort and control
  • Flat Line Tension System: with internal ball bearings to perfectly stabilize the blades and resist blade wear
  • Japanese Super Steel: a combination of cobalt, molybdenum alloy and carbon give these handcrafted convex blades the perfect hardness with a superior cutting edge
  • Forward Set Thumb Position: places hand into a natural and neutral position, reducing repetitive strain injuries
  • Fully Lined Polymer Pivots: wider polymer surface in the pivot areas extends the life of the shear by eliminating metal to metal contact
  • Packaging: comes in an elegant presentation box that includes a protective leather sleeve and a complete Sam Villa shear care kit to protect and maintain the condition of your shear for lifetime use.

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