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Sam Villa Dry Sectioning Clips black colour


Section, clip, and create confidently. These professional sectioning clips never slip, slide or leave marks in the hair.

A silicone band inside each clip gives you ultra-secure grip in all hair types, from baby-fine to coarse and curly. Use your clips to section hair before highlighting, dry cutting or styling. Discover a faster, easier way to work with our Professional Hair Sectioning Clips.

Sam Villa Continuous Mist Spray Bottle white colour


The Sam Villa Continuous Mist Spray Bottle is a unique spray bottle with a comfortable curved design that fits easily in your hand while providing a powerful Aerosol-like spray mist that can be used in any spraying position (360 degree spraying option).

  • Large spray pattern with even distribution
  • Fine mist droplet size
  • Prolonged/continuous spray - Spray duration: 1.2 seconds per compression
  • 360° spraying option - you can even spray with the bottle upside down without leakage or loss of prime
  • Airless - No contamination - long shelf life
  • Ergonomic design reduces hand fatigue compared to traditional trigger and finger tip sprayers
  • 99% bottle evacuation - keeps spraying until the water is gone
Sam Villa Folding Shear Case black colour.


Your shears are a major investment in your career. Keep them safe and secure in this beautiful folding case. With space for 8 shears, 2 razor handles and 4 cutting combs, you’ll be prepared to create beautiful haircuts wherever you go. Each tool slides neatly into its own slot or pocket, keeping you organized at the salon and on-site. The case zips up for easy travel, and opens out flat so you can easily find the right shear for every job. Protect your tools with our Signature Series Folding Shear Case.

Sam Villa Brush Cleaner with black handle.


Extend the life of your valuable brushes by keeping them clean. This 2-in-1 brush cleaner features hard angled teeth for hair removal and long bristles to sweep away product residue. It’s perfect for quickly cleaning your brushes between guests or at the end of the day. Keep your tools in top condition with our all-purpose Brush Cleaner.

Deep Bowl Diffuser

Discover the key to shiny, frizz-free blowouts in curly hair. This finger diffuser features a deep bowl design for maximum airflow and dispersed heat. It gently dries waves and curls, adds volume and shine, and preserves the hair’s natural curl pattern. Your guests will love their shiny, defined and bouncy curls. You’ll love how the diffuser easily snaps onto the nozzle of your Sam Villa Professional Ionic Blow Dryer for a tight and secure fit. Create beautiful curly finishes with our Deep Bowl Diffuser attachment.

Sam Villa Reversible All-Purpose Cape silver colour


Keep your guests comfortable and protected while you create beautiful styles. Your cape is the first tool you reach for during an appointment-- it should be durable, attractive and professional. Our Reversible All-Purpose Cape is black on one side and silver on the other, giving you the perfect contrast for both light and dark hair. High-tech, lightweight material protects your guest from water, bleach and chemicals. The extra-large size and adjustable snap neck closure ensure a comfortable and secure fit for every guest. Set yourself up for styling success with our Reversible All-Purpose Cape.

Sam Villa Reversible All-Purpose Cape black Front View
Sam Villa Reversible All-Purpose Cape black back view

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