Pivot Point International is a leading publisher and provider of hairdressing and beauty education solutions for training organisation, salons, students, individual stylists and international distributors. The company’s brandfolio, including A Designer’s Approach™, Salon Fundamentals™, Artist Access®, Exam Ace™, Snap Cap®, Meta™, Mindful Teaching® and Salonability™, can be found on six continents. Since 1962 when Leo Passage founded the Pivot Point Beauty School in Chicago, Illinois, the company has empowered and embraced hair designers who elevate their skill to a higher level of artistic creativity.

Lifelong learning is the cornerstone upon which the company has built 50 years in the industry. Pivot Point-educated beauty professionals are bold and curious in their pursuit of a successful career because they know how to approach every client with the precision and artistry indicative of the Pivot Point method.

Pivot Point Global map showing locations they are available around the world.


In 1958, Leo Passage immigrated to America from the Netherlands with his young wife, Lenie, and created a network of hairdressing education that is now taught in countries around the globe.

During his long career, Passage won more than 95 competitions and gained a reputation as an enterprising visionary. In 1961, he captured the coveted titles of World Supreme Champion and Hairdresser of the Year at the International Beauty Show in New York City.

Through his interest in the Bauhaus principles of art and design, Passage saw how that movement’s ideas could be applied to teach hairdressing. In 1962, he opened the first Pivot Point Beauty School at the corner of Howard and Clark streets on the north side of Chicago. It is there that he developed and refined the system of hairdressing that has become the gold standard in cosmetology education.

At a little more than 5’6”, Leo Passage was a giant in the industry who showed that solid education, a clear vision of goals and a passionate desire to be the best will make you a leader, not a follower. Today, his legacy lives on in all Pivot Point educators and graduates in the best salons, spas and companies around the world.


Ever wonder how our mannequins are made? There are many steps that include cuticle smoothing, bathing, conditioning, drying, hackling, mask makeup, implantation, and much more. This carefully executed process gives you the most realistic educational experience possible!


Get a load of this rock star!

Cole stuns everyone he meets with his longer locks, implanted tightly on the sides (at the lowest angle possible), producing the most realistic end result.

Cole is perfect for practicing many of the latest trends in men’s haircutting!

Get to know Cole better: https://oriac.ca/pivot-point-canada/educational-mannequins/cole/
Purchase from your local professional beauty dealer! Find yours at https://oriac.ca/dealers/

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"Never compromise integrity, ethics, or doing what is right."
- Leo Passage, Pivot Point Founder

Our mannequins are manufactured in SA8000-certified facilities that:
⭐ Guard against slave and child labor
⭐ Provide the workers with a healthy and safe working environment
⭐ Respect the rights of workers to join unions
⭐ Practice zero tolerance for discrimination

(📹: @hairdressers_without_borders on IG)
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Design your learning paths!

LAB’s drag-and-drop feature allows you to create custom lessons to insert into any learning path.

Learn more and contact us for a demo: https://oriac.ca/pivot-point-canada/learn-about-beauty-lab/

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A quick Pivot Point history lesson!

Back in the early 1970s, Pivot Point's founder Leo Passage was dedicated to collaborating with custom hair manufacturers to design new, high-quality mannequins, hand-implanting natural hair to mimic growth patterns and densities – offering the most life-like and realistic learning experience to students and professionals.

See the results of Leo's passion at https://oriac.ca/pivot-point/
Purchase a Pivot Point mannequin today at https://pivotpointshop.ca/

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A Textured Hair Learning Path has been created for you to easily add to your class on Pivot Point LAB!

Your learners will gain the foundational knowledge needed to become confident in performing services on all hair textures.
👩‍🦱 Textured Hair Care and Styling Theory
👩‍🦱 Cleansing, Hydrating and Moisturising Workshop
👩‍🦱 Six Cutting Workshops
👩‍🦱 Five Styling Workshops
👩‍🦱 Two Colour Workshops

Learn more about everything LAB has to offer: https://oriac.ca/pivot-point-canada/learn-about-beauty-lab/

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Are you wiped out after your work day? Inner and outer beauty specialist Adina Doss (@mastery_a.d) is here to help!

As a service industry, hair stylists can absorb so much of their guests' emotional energy throughout the day, which can be exhausting!

Adina shares mental and emotional techniques to help you manage that external energy, and even channel it into providing better service behind the chair!

Learn more with Palma and Adina on February 6th at 7PM on Oriac Live!

Watch/listen to previous episodes on YouTube and at https://oriac.ca/live

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Say goodbye to practicing techniques at awkward angles! Gone are the days of picking up and rotating your whole tripod!

The 360° rotating swivel base is exactly what you need to gain full and easy access to your mannequins' hair!

Learn more: https://oriac.ca/pivot-point-canada/tripods-holders/
Purchase at the Pivot Point Canada store: https://pivotpointshop.ca

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What's the difference between a Pivot Point Educational mannequin and a Competition one?

Pros who train with our Educational mannequins say the quality of the hair is more consistent than a live model, offering the perfect head for practice!

Competition mannequins dynamically bring hair artistry to centre stage, and many are OMC and WorldSkills approved

Learn more about all of Pivot Point's lineup of mannequins at https://oriac.ca/pivot-point-canada/
Purchase today at https://pivotpointshop.ca/

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Good morning, Elijah!

A barber’s new best friend, Elijah’s head size and proportion makes clipper work easy and can also be used for shear-over-comb techniques. His beautiful coily-textured hair is great for twists and braids while letting you master beard design at the same time

Elijah is perfect for practicing:
- shear-over-comb techniques
- textured hair
- twists and braids
- beard design

Get to know Elijah a little better: https://oriac.ca/pivot-point-canada/educational-mannequins/elijah/
Purchase from the Pivot Point Canada shop: https://pivotpointshop.ca/

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