Chris Baran

Redken Education Artistic Director

“I’ve always been a “KASHO Freak.” It’s a superior shear with sculpted beauty that feels like an extension of my creativity.”

Sandra Joseph

Pureology Pureartist

“I love my KASHO 7.0” shears! They are great for condense cutting. The blades glide through the hair with ease. I always feel confident using KASHO because I trust their performance. Certainly my favorite shear of all time.”

Martin Parsons

Internationally Renowned Platform Artist

“KASHO shears look and handle great, and there is something about the feel that tells you a great cut is coming.”

Gareth Palmer

Keune International Stage Artisan & Academy Director

“I have used many shears over my 22 years of platform and salon work and KASHO is the shear that always ends up in my hands…YES they are that good…and so is the service they provide.”

Leah Freeman

L’anza Educator

“There are many reasons I love my KASHO Shears. Consistency, durability, shape weight, and customer service. I have recommended KASHO for years to my associates and stylists and they fall in love.”

Amit Abraham

L’Oréal Professional Platform Artist

"Having worked in this industry both on and off stage for many years, I always choose to partner with the best, which is why I use KASHO. I have yet to find another company that matches their excellence and consistency."

Matthew Swinney

L’anza Educator

“Craftsmanship and integrity are the words I would use to describe KASHO. Thank you for creating tools that allow me to create art."

Martino Cartier

Celebrity Stylist

“Endurance, shear endurance…”

Alan Bailey

Johnny B Educator

"I love my KASHO shears!! Simply AMAZING! The weight, the look, the feel gives me the confidence to perform excellent work!!! I would recommend these shears to everyone!!"

Jayson Morgan

Fuel by Design Educator

“Wow! I cannot say enough great things about these scissors! They are my go to shear for every haircut. With the craftsmanship and quality of each pair I own, I know that I’m going to get a smooth, seamless and precise cut time after time! My KASHO scissors never fail me!!"