The finest professional shears money can buy.

KASHO handcrafted Professional Shears are the crowning achievement of the "shisho", a highly skilled craftsman who proudly engraves his shears with the KASHO mark.

Each pair of KASHO shears reflects impeccable form, finish and function. Today, every pair of KASHO shears is created through careful design and engineering with advanced materials and heat-treatment technology - and the blending of an integrated manufacturing process with skilful workmanship which measures up to the unrelenting standards passed through generations of the Japanese Samurai sword smithies.

Kasho Shears silver colour on top of rocks
Kasho Shears silver colour

Every pair of Kasho shears is forged, meaning compression forces are used to press the molecules closer together. This creates a more durable metal with a longer lasting edge.

Kasho Shears silver colour

The inner blade of every pair of Kasho shears is honed to the point that the blades only touch at the point of intersection. This allows for a precise cut, reduction in cutting edge resistance and a significant reduction in hand fatigue for the stylist or barber.

Kasho Shears silver colour

Kasho shears feature a convex edge, which is created through a more labour intensive and detailed process. This produces a smoother and more precise cutting experience and very sharp edge, which requires less user force when cutting and allows for more advanced cutting techniques


Kasho scissors feature two different stainless steel alloys in order to meet the high Japanese quality demands for sharpness and material. The combination of different hardness grades means that every pair of scissors is perfectly balanced and guarantees that the cutting edge is exceptionally durable.

The unique "Ultimate Edge" Kasho scissor blades guarantee that they are a pleasure to work with and cut accurately. The unique manufacturing process ensures the necessary precision of the concave inner surfaces (hollow ground) and convex outer surfaces of the scissor blades. These blades are honed to an extremely sharp state with the inner side hollowed to such a point that the blades only touch at the point of intersection.

This refined technology ensures superb cutting edge durability, while at the same time reducing cutting edge resistance to a minimum and thus considerably limiting hand fatigue.

Someone using Kasho Shears

Handle configuration

Kasho Scissors are made in different handle configurations - offset, semi- offset and straight.

With the offset handle, you can work with your shoulders straight and elbow down, using minimal wrist movements. The semi-offset is a comfortable compromise between the offset and straight models. When working with the semi-offset or offset models, the shoulders remain straight and the elbows are not raised, putting far less strain on the wrist.

Patented Disc Operation System

The patented Disc Operation System ensures that the KASHO Millennium and XP Series are always perfectly tensioned.

This sophisticated screw system consists of an enclosed ball bearing unit, a special spring and a synthetic disc that ensures uniform pressure and incredibly smooth operation. The enclosed ball bearing is free from collecting hair, dust and other substances so that nothing may affect the precise movement of the scissors, whilst the synthetic disc between the upper and lower blades minimises friction and wear of the blades. Thanks to this complex Disc Operation System with a replaceable synthetic disc the Millennium and the XP-Series have a considerably longer life span than any conventional models.

Kasho shears diagram showing Kasho Patented Disc Operation System
Kasho shears showing Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) Coating

Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) coating

Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) coating displays properties similar to those of natural diamond, including hardness, wear resistance and reduced friction.

This is a nano composite coating that has the unique properties of natural diamond; high hardness, high corrosion resistance and low friction, creating an even smoother cutting experience. Design and technology combined to form perfect harmony. Furthermore is the DLC coating well known, to provide a reliable protection against allergies and resistance to other chemical compounds.

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