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Touch Beauty Primer bottle


Revitalizing cream with Meadowfoam seed oil

• Professional hair product with immediate results.
• The first care gesture to restore strength and energy on every hair type, without adding weight.
• Its formulation is maximized by MACROPRO, the active principle.• One gesture, four results:
1. Thickness and volume to thin hair;
2. Vitality to distressed hair;
3. Definition and long lasting humidity for a perfect management of the cut.
4. It reduces porosity and frizz.

No rinse care product, base for all types of styling; it combines moistening and conditioning actions, perfect before cutting; an hydrating film reduces porosity and dryness. Light thickener, it helps defining the strand without adding weight.

SIZE: 200ml (30-40 applications)

FRAGRANCE: Vanilla sweet fragrances and scents of verbena and tangerine.

NATURAL INGREDIENT: Meadowfoam seed oil has a very high penetration capacity that provides a thickening and repairing action. ENRICHED WITH MACROPRO

Touch Forever Smooth bottle


Innovative hair beauty treatment. Anti-frizz, long lasting and discipling, with Tamarind seeds

• A new approach to cosmetic long-lasting disciplining treatments.
• An innovative system to get disciplined, soft, restructured, shiny and easily manageable hair, after one application.
• It preserves the style even in very humid environments. It acts thanks to the combination of glyoxylic acid, keratin, glycerol and Tamarind seeds; it sticks to the hair thanks to the flat iron thermal action.
• It has a strenghtening effect that adds shine shielding the style.
• It is suitable for all hair types, natural or treated.
• It reduces styling times considerably.

SIZE: 250 ml

FRAGRANCE: Sweet scent of cherry blossoms.

NATURAL INGREDIENT: Tamarind fruit seeds have a filming and moisturizing natural action, stronger than Hyaluronic acid’s one. Their effects on the hair are: strong hydration, elasticity and thickness. ENRICHED WITH MACROPRO

Touch Sea Style bottle


Spray formulated with precious Provence salt crystals

• Perfect for texturizing the hair.
• It recreates the waves and natural volumes of a day spent on the beach between sea breeze and refreshing baths.
• Ideal for men and women.

SIZE: 250 ml

FRAGRANCE: An ocean of male and female aromas such as Gaiac wood, violet and rose wood.

NATURAL INGREDIENT: The crystals of this precious French salt are the main ingredients capable of texturizing the hair to the maximum, giving soft waves and natural volume without giving a frizzy effect.

Touch Pure Waves bottle


Ecological no-gas mousse with cornstarch.

• Perfect to define and shape the hair naturally.
• It gives volume and fixation, adding flexibility and elasticity.

SIZE: 150ml

FRAGRANCE: Irresistible and sunny Japanese Camellia scent.

NATURAL INGREDIENT: Cornstarch has a great curl definition action, leaving it light and soft, without adding weight.

Touch Thermo Shimmer bottle and box package


Artego Touch Thermo Shimmer bi-phase spray comes in a form of light, shining mist that has added thermal protection, which creates a protective barrier around each hair strand. It makes your hair look lighter and newer by subtly adding shine and emphasizing the styling. Contains light-reflecting ingredients, that ensure a beautiful shine regardless of the color of the hair.

This spray has a fresh but intense aroma at the same time. The combination of fucus seaweed extract with wood and floral notes will make Thermo Shimmer spray a must-have styling product in any salon.

Shake before use to activate the two-phase formula. Lightly mist the hair section by section and then comb it through. Dry and style your hair as you desire. Spray can be used on both dry and damp hair to reduce frizz before using a straightener or any other service.

Touch Straight Rules bottle


Artego Touch Straight Rules smoothing and disciplining cream that prevents frizz and protects the hair from high temperatures during hair styling. Effectively smooths, softens the hair fibers and, thanks to the mullein flower extract, gives them shine and softness.

The captivating scent of mascarpone combined with the aroma of vanilla beans perfectly combines a composition of sweets and powdery notes.

Application: Before drying the hair, evenly apply the product to previously washed and towel-dried hair starting from the lengths to the ends. Brush your hair a few times and then dry it. Achieve the effect of perfectly straight hair with the help of a straightener.

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