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Touch Be Matt package


Matt effect wax with medium strong hold and Brazilian clay

• It gives the hair texture and volume.
• For matt textures and a medium-strong hold, for flexible styles.
• For geometric styling and definite looks lovers.
• Ideal for short and medium length hair.

SIZE: 100 ml

FRAGRANCE: Intriguing fruity note of pomegranate, spiced with pink pepper.

NATURAL INGREDIENT: BRAZILIAN CLAY. It has great antiseptic, remineralizing and strengthening properties.

Touch Control Freak bottle


Molding gel with vegetable glycerin

• Glossy fluid gel for flexible control and long lasting memory
• Remoldable.
• Adds body and shape even to thin hair.
• To perfectly slick back the hair or for messy, shaped or brushed styles.
• Perfect to tame frizzy hair naturally.
• It does not glue or leave any residue.

SIZE: 200 ml

FRAGRANCE: A light and freshly scent, slightly salted and spicy.

NATURAL INGREDIENT: VEGETABLE GLYCERIN. Vegetable glycerin moisturizes and softens the hair, making it extremely shiny. It’s perfect for taming frizz and protecting the hair.

Touch Rock Me bottle


Strong gel with green coffee

• Strong gel for maximum control of styles, even most extreme ones.
• A must-have for sculpted and particularly bright hair.

SIZE: 200 ml

FRAGRANCE: Warm and bold notes, slightly salty.

NATURAL INGREDIENT: GREEN COFFEE: it’s a powerful natural antioxidant element. It stimulates the hair bulb favoring the hair thickening.

Touch Shine Bright bottle


Dry shining spray

• One touch for maximum shine, inebriating scent on the hair.
• It enlightens the haircut and the hair color.
• It reduces frizz and static electricity.

SIZE: 250ml

FRAGRANCE: Sensual and musky aroma with notes of vanilla and flowers.

Touch Hot Shot bottle


Medium-strong hold hairspray

• Professional hairsprays with medium-strong hold.
• It gives support to the styling.
• It shields from humidity and frizz without adding weight.
• It remains workable even if it dries quickly.

SIZES:  250 – 500 ml.

FRAGRANCE: Whipped cream scent enriched with fruity notes of cherry

Touch Strong Bond bottle


Strong hold hairspray

• Professional hairspray with strong hold.
• Its extra fine and uniform vaporization fixate instantly with extreme hold.
• It gives body and shine.
• It guarantees maximum support and volume to the hair and to every hairstyle, leaving no residues.
• It dries quickly.

SIZE: 250 ml.

FRAGRANCE: Sweet and fruity mango scent.

Touch Up & Down bottle


Medium hold no-gas hairspray

• Anti humidity. It gives volume and shine to the hair without adding weight.
• It can be re-shaped after the application.
• It does not leave any residue even if used repeatedly.
• Removable with a few brush strokes.

SIZES: 250 – 400 ml.

FRAGRANCE: Delicious sweet Tonka beans aroma, enriched with fruity notes of peach and apricot.

Touch Posh Pomade bottle


Artego Touch Posh pomade is a light hold pomade with matte finish, contains Eco-certified Opuntia Ficus-Indica Stem extract. Perfect for styling short and semi-long hair to give it a natural look and movement. Suitable for all hair types, it does not deprive them of their natural elasticity, additionally protects the color of dyed hair.

Pomade has a characteristic aroma of agar wood, the so-called 'The Wood of the Gods' combined with intriguing notes of tobacco, hemp and coffee will take your senses on an oriental journey.

Application: Apply the pomade onto previously washed and towel-dried hair. Let it air dry for a more natural look or style the hair with a brush and hairdryer to achieve your desire style. Use it on dry hair for a more defined look and better hold.

Touch No Limits bottle


Touch No Limits volumizing powder. Gives hair an amazing volume, make them look fuller and denser without any trace of weighing them down. It has an immediate action with a medium hold. Contains Panthenol, olive leaf and barley seed extracts that protect the hair from UV rays.

Application: Apply a small amount of the powder onto dry hair roots. Style your hair as desired. To enhance the volumizing effect, apply the powder twice.

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