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Rain Dance Renaissance Hair Care Products

Every day pollution, including heavy metals from the air and water, such as sulfur particles, lead, nitric oxide, are deposited and penetrate the skin, scalp and hair, damaging them right down to the hair shaft. Intoxicated hair not only looks dull, asphyxiated, and lacks vitality, it is also fragile, sensitive and difficult to treat. The scalp becomes irritated and the protective hydrolipidic barrier unbalanced.

Rain Dance Renaissance is a natural, deep cleansing, that promotes rebalancing and rebirth. The products are usable both in the salon and can be sold for home use. You can combine them with each other, for wonderful natural rebirth treatments for the hair, scalp, and skin.

These products contain natural and active botanical ingredients:

  • Purity Bath: scalp, hair and skin – micro-peeling purifying renewing
  • Oxygen Balm: scalp and skin – oxygenating healthy vitalizing
  • Balance Elixir: scalp and hair – purifying boost oxygenating stimulating
  • Sublime Night: scalp, hair and skin – anti-aging shielding replenishing

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250ml - 1l

Cleanses, Detoxifies and Purifies scalp, hair and skin gently, removing toxins and impurities.

Sebum- regulating. For all hair types and scalps, even slightly sensitized.

Anti-inflammatory, stimulating, antimicrobial and antibacterial.

Illuminating and antistatic on the hair structure.


20 x 5ml

Deep Detoxifying efficacy, beneficial on the scalp. Purifying, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory,
sebum-regulating and anti-staining micro-peeling, with soothing healing effect.

Improves circulation without irritating and boosts hair growth.

Promotes the elimination of waste, toxins and cosmetic residues. Decreases hyperkeratinization.

Enriched with Vegetable Glycerin, IPSTIC, Citric Acid.



Instantly absorbed, lightweight and effective; it protects, repairs and regenerates hair and skin. Prevents signs of skin aging even on mature skin.

Enriched with enhanced pomegranate extract. Moisturizing, Anti-inflammatory, Regenerating, Soothing, Anti-aging, Anti-breakage of the hair fiber, Elasticizing.

Blue Light Night Protection and Indoor Anti Pollution.

Protects and strengthens hair by reducing and preventing split ends.

Protects and regenerates skin with elasticizing and anti-aging effectiveness. Enriched with Recycled Lavender.



Purifying, anti-aging osmotic action, beneficial for scalp, hair and skin. The viscous texture based on Xanthan Gum effectively conveys the contained active ingredients, with strongly moisturizing and nourishing properties. It leaves the scalp regenerated and the hair light and voluminous.

Enriched with natural surfactants useful when washing to remove toxins, White Clay and Citric Acid.

Contact your local distributor to purchase these products.

Not sure who your local distributor is, contact us.