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About Oriac

Established in 2002, the vision for Oriac was to support educational facilities in the beauty industry in Canada.  We realized there was need for a company for the schools; someone who understood the schools and their needs.

We started with distributing PIVOT POINT.  As we grew across Canada, the schools appreciated our personal and friendly touch and asked us to bring in more items that would be useful to them. We scoured the globe and met with many companies who were interested in bringing their products to Canada.  Fortunately, we found a partner in Artego, who shared our values and commitment to the beauty professional.  This partnership has flourished and continues to grow.

Initially the Artego product lines were being used from coast to coast in schools and as these students graduated and became well regarded industry professionals, the demand for Artego by professionals also took off.  This lead to our next phase of significant growth as we began partnering with professional distributors across the country who now offer Artego color, Artego wet lines and Artego styling lines across the country.  Demand for Artego continues to grow as professionals and salons across the country are using Artego with incredible success and tremendous results for their clients.

This lead to many other brands coming to Oriac to be made available across the country.  In 2018, Oriac made several strategic acquisitions which added Kasho and Sam Villa to our lineup of products that we offer through our distributor partners and then in 2019 we acquired the rights for the worldwide clipper brand Andis.

Thanks to the support of the Canadian Beauty Professional, Oriac has continued to grow in recent years and continues to locate and be introduced to new brands which we will continue to bring to the Canadian beauty industry going forward.

We never stop working to improve our business and will continue to expand our offerings based on how we can best serve our industry and our partners.

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